“Nobody lacks strength, what many lacks is the will.” Victor Hugo

Should I ask you all, what is most important: “Will or talent?” Almost unanimously, most of us one will raise their hand at the second option i.e. talent. However, do you know, everything can be gained, but will?

It is enough to look around to verify that the people who really do things in their personal life and in business are those who manage to dominate the will power.

Many people have potential talent, but they don’t reach anywhere because they don’t finish what they start. On the other hand, there are people who without having a special talent, based on determination and perseverance, achieve much more than people who are “super-talented”.

We can doubt if willpower is something we are born with or if it is a quality that can be improved and promoted. Willpower is a skill we can learn and develop. Just as physical preparation, we need mental preparation to achieve our goals. Here are six ways to strengthen willpower:

Control behavior

It is difficult to practice self-control if we cannot control our behavior and our routines. We need to understand our current habits. We need to write what we eat, where we spend our time and money, what kind of people we move with, what is their mindset, etc.

Form healthy habits

We need to give up our lazy attitude, and for this, we need to do exercise/sports regularly. While at the beginning it costs us a lot of work, our body gets used to it later, until it becomes essential. Once hard activities become routine, they will bring a lot of changes without costing us less willpower. This will make us fight less and be able to release that energy that we can spend on other activities.

To practice every day

Performing self-control exercises is beneficial for all our impulses. Multiple studies have illustrated that self-control in one facet of our life achieves greater will power. Although the two behaviors are very different, they share a common energy source.

Control your environment

If we don’t want to eat unhealthy food, let’s not go down the aisle of the supermarket where junk food is located. If we want to avoid wasting time at work, let’s remove the direct access to social networks from our PC desktop. We may not be able to change the design of the supermarket or the stimuli on the street, but we can control the environment at home and at work. If you want to quit smoking, don’t have a packet of tobacco just in case at home.

Make agreements with yourself

Willpower requires all our effort. On many occasions, we live in a situation of continuous tension and struggle with oneself. However, we can reduce it, if we reach agreements with ourselves. Decision making can be exhausting, but it will be less if we are convinced of it.

Achieve balance

Since we have a finite amount of willpower on any given day, let’s not exhaust it too soon. Instead of writing down the obligations on the calendar, we can classify them in terms of energy or self-control. In this way, we can adjust our week so as not to exhaust our resources.

Have a well-defined purpose in life

This is probably the most powerful and difficult challenge. Most failures and falls are caused by a lack of a well-defined purpose. There is no chance of great success for the person who does not have a primary or defined goal.

Manage negative energies

There is no hope of success for a person who is drowning in his own negative personality. Negativity has been shown to affect performance and the way the brain interacts with its actions and emotions.

Avoid procrastination

Procrastination is one of the biggest enemies of will power. We have to avoid postponing things and try new ways to find solutions to problems. Do not settle for the comfort of our comfort zone.

Besides, persistence plays an important role. All the big achievers are people who don’t give up easily. Failure is not important, but the ability to manage its consequences in the present and the future.