Given the new unemployment figures, candidates must focus on enhancing their skills and competences.

2020 marks the beginning of a new decade on the working front full of challenges.

According to the expert, organizations are looking for employees with multiple skills, proactive, and who can introduce some new strategies to their office work station. “Without a doubt, results-oriented people can last in the organization, but those willing to precipitate changes are the ones who make the difference since they are capable of overcoming neglect, rejection, and falls. If you are in the IT industry, here are a few basic skills that can keep you alive in the market.


The pace of progress, both of human knowledge and technology, is surprising. In such a competitive environment, the survival is not about passively following these changes, but exploiting them to your advantage. In 2020, companies are looking for employees who can show their adeptness with new technologies and can promise to make a difference.

Digital Literacy

Post Covid19, Big data, artificial intelligence, eCommerce, mobile app development, and digital literacy will be considered as indispensable soft skills at all company levels. If you can fill the gap, which is still strongly present in many companies, you are the one companies looking for.

Constant Updating

The continuous transformations to which the world of work is subject imply a continuous change. Nowadays, companies are looking for candidates who can think flexibly and are always up to date.

In the age of digital transformation, where things are changing rapidly, a candidate’s ability to acquire new skills is the only key to survival.

Relationship Management

As automated as workplaces can become, people will always be at the center. The development and management of relationships, in any field, are skills that no type of technology can ever perform. Knowing how to connect with others, motivate them, listen to them, and carry out teamwork are fundamental and not negligible skills, in and beyond 2020.

Refine your communication skills and your ability to work in a team becomes an indispensable exercise. The first step is to avoid attitudes that can convey impatience, distraction, or nervousness: this discourages those around us and can invalidate the results.

Agility and adaptability

The increasingly fragmented nature of career paths leads to the development of a set of knowledge and experiences that will be widely transferable.

People’s agility and ability to lead change will be a key success factor; They will have to work with a high tolerance for uncertainty and new ideas, acquire knowledge in various disciplines and be able to assume continuous change.