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Take. Bake. Shake.
Break. Make.


Stepping Forward With a Different Approach

At Thirtyfour®, we take the challenges, bake the requirements, shake the extraneous, break the monotony, and make everything prodigious.

Transforming user-interfaces into functionally reliable products is what we push ourselves across the boundaries for. Our experts are well acquainted with the most feasible use of latest technologies. All disciplines walk together until the completion.

Coding is an art and we write our own books of coding literature. Using our familiarity with databases, technology stacks, content management systems, and e-commerce systems; we help businesses with the best possible solutions. Out of the box thinking and enthusiastic attitude always keep us a step ahead of our competitors. Our specialization lies in bringing an idea to life by implementing functionally stable and viable methodologies.

Four Essential Elements, We Follow.

Readability, Extensibility, Atomicity & Testability.

  • Mobile & IoT

    Smart People Do Smart Things With Smartphones

    No denial, ‘I am either sleeping or connected.’ People don’t sleep when they want to, they do when their phone battery dies. This wonderful gadget is transforming everything into ‘mobile-first.’

    IoT technology is becoming increasingly popular these days. Undoubtedly, IoT is going to make life easier and smarter in upcoming decades. Being a futuristic company, our experts are already enhancing their know-how about IoT technologies. IoT technologies are used in conjunction with artificial intelligence (AI) and the bots.

    In addition, our experts are familiar with strategies, architecture, design, security, and development secrets required for cutting edge mobile applications. From standalone apps & games to online social networks, GPS and GEO location-enabled applications, inventory system, machine learning (AI), animations, and 2D and 3D development, we deliver high-quality products. Without bothering you much with the technical chatter, we can deliver you any mobile application regardless of platforms like iOS, Android, Windows or Unity.

  • Web Applications

    We know how to transform your thoughts into an end product.

    Using our industry-specific expertise as a reference, we plan according to your unique business circumstances – while faithful to a constant-feedback policy, to ensure full compliance with your needs.

    Whether it is about tailoring a content management system to your needs, developing a web-based ERP system, an eCommerce store, the backend for your mobile app, or straightforward to complex web applications, we know how to convert blueprints into fully functional web applications. We can oer the most viable solutions for market segments like real-estate, health, finance, hotel & tourism, education, lifestyle, parenting, fashion, beauty, social networking, online ordering and many more.

    In our dictionary, a perfect web application means top-notch customer experience, in addition to quick, secure, and accurate data retrieval. We can both create and review the architect of your product to make it stand out.

    We not only offer full software development life cycle support but also deliver the product confidently that solve real world problems.

  • Cloud Migration

    Make your business scalable, secure and automatic

    Should you want to increase scalability, availability, security, and flexibility through a seamless transition to cloud-based applications, talk to one of our experts and they will move your things to the cloud safely.

    When Migrating, Unlike Others, Security is Our First Concern.

    We know how to deal with different servers while transferring your most critical data without any privacy breach. Thirtyfour makes the deployment and operation of your cloud-based products effortless.

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