Lead Magnets

Sales Triggers and Bank Figures


Think Like Customers, Dream Like They Dream and
Predict Their Thinking Patterns.

Marketing dollars and digital audiences are two possible concerns for any business. Regular Google algorithm modifications are consistently re-carpeting the roads of search results. Companies with expert sales strategies are still yielding good returns on investments, while others are busy in becoming histories. Being Thirtyfour, we work for atomistic digital marketing solutions. Without bothering about Google algorithm updates and prevailing search engine trends, we bank on our own deployed crawlers. Untangling the twisted turbulence, mitigating the bounce rate and ensuring consistent traffic growth, is what we strive for.

Selling is a psychological phenomenon and is an art of conquering someone’s mind. Traditional and old business school ideas are not going to work. To sell something the way it should be; a better understanding of both the customers’ and clients’ ego-system and ecosystem is required. We help businesses in their transformation from a commodity to a brand.

Four Essential Elements, We Follow.

Data Analysis, Site Architect Optimization, Content Infusing & Social Media Machines.

  • Data Analysis

    Analyzing Data for Unprecedented Results


    “Business seeks data, data seeks analysis and analysis seek implementations.” Collecting data and analyzing the same is not hectic now; tools are available. Integrating the same with required segments is the back-breaking part. Should you fail at accurate integration and justifiable implementation, the whole marketing campaign will collapse.

    At Thirtyfour, we work closely with Google and other insight analytic reports. Based on the reports, we frame optimization plans. Measurable is manageable and to make it measurable and manageable, we do everything it takes. Having data is no way going to improve your online presence, but skills of making any prediction are what bring in revenues.

  • Content Infusing

    Engaging the Audience With Google Oriented Content

    “If it is not compelling, it is not propelling.” Our content strategy team make sure that they speak for the brands as and when needed. Google updates are strict with any kind of slander. Fake some and take some (Google penalties). Stuffing and bluffing of keywords are more of a cock and bull story. Brands lacking persuasive information about their presence fail with their attempt to tasting a miraculous launch.

    Our support towards content production, not only improve the associated marketing segments but also strengthen their communication operations. This way, we help businesses with the messages they want to convey and the keywords their aspirant buyers are hunting them with. Understanding the consumer search trends, indexation process and then generating generic content as per consumer’s perspective, is the key to outperform in SERP (search engine results page). At Thirtyfour, we listen 80% and speak 20%, thus, delivers 100%.

  • Site Architect Optimization

    No Sale of Stale

    No use of embedding sales strategies on a worn-out portal.

    Decoding the code for errors and studying the architectural flaws behind the hapless effcacy of a website, is what our digital marketing team does. We then align both with your website’s infrastructure and its content to assure that they are appropriately positioned. The motive remains the same, “sketching the axis for line and bar graphs.”

  • Social Media Machines

    The More Visible is The More Feasible

    Who knows if there are consumers having conversations about your product on daily basis? In other words, it is brilliant to have a beautifully designed and optimized product, however, if your audience can’t find it, your efforts will be wasted. The best way to mark your online presence is a strategic approach to social media. We know how to project your key messages and provide something of value to your prospective consumers. We know how to connect people to your brand across all social media channels.

    Using our digital media strategies, we help our clients build their audience base and then our email marketing services help strengthen their connection with the leads. To make things more fruitful, we create PR campaigns that establish our clients as “thought leaders”.

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